Houlet -The Treehouse Yurt

This Yurt is will be transformed in an amazing and completely unique Treehouse Yurt for April 2018. The yurt will be up 10 ft in the Scotspineswitha spectacualar platform hanging above the 30ft drop on the burn below. suspended from the main platform will run a rop bridge to a Stargazing "crows nest up another Scots Pine with views through the wood to the fells beyond. The beautiful made16ft Yurt itsef will has a glass wall for maximum impact fro views of the forest round about with aHobbit cookstove and inique four-poster Scots Pine tree branch bed. This Yurt is perfect for a romantic retreat or fabulous family ( up to 4 ) holiday . Sit and look up at the stars or be amazed at the wildlife all around you in the trees...

Images to follow ...but imagine a huge treehouse platform mde from the trees around you and on it, a stunning yurt, rope bridge and crows nest amongst the Red Squirrels and Spotted Woodpeckers !







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