Half day "Discovering wildlife and landscape through photography" with Cain Scrimgeour - 13th December 10am -1pm

Cain Scrimgeour . 

Discover the brilliance and beauty of this wild land through the eyes of this fabulously talented and fated Wildlife Photographer and filmmaker. A day of watching the drama of this landscape and its wildlife unfold through the lens of a camera. 
Half day workshops £20.00 Adult/£15 child/£60 Family 10-1pm 
Capturing the beauty of nature isn’t just about the ability to use a camera; it’s about immersing yourself into the wild landscape, amongst the trees, grasses, ferns and mosses. Searching for those magical, and inspiring moments that we are privileged to experience, the moments that are destined to be observed and photographed.
Getting close to wild creatures, in their home, the place they know where every tree stands, where every track leads, where their own senses are perfectly in tune, is a unbelievable privilege. These creatures have not only accepted you into their home, but you’ve managed to traverse their home as part of the wood, as an object of the natural world, not as man.
 Join Wildlife Photographer and Filmmaker Cain Scrimgeour at Wild Northumbrian to find these magical moments, learn the art of fieldcraft and immerse yourself in the wild landscape, to find those little natural stories, and gain an understanding of how to capture them.'