Eco Retreat


A recipe for wellness…

Look up at the stars from your luxurious Yurt or cosy Tipi filled with candlelight, and firelight from your wood burning stove. Snuggle up on sheepskins and in a beautiful handmade double bed with duckdown duvets and soft feather pillows. In the morning, stroll down to air-source showers with cosy under-floor heating, take a holistic healing session then walk out into the breathtaking countryside of Northumberland National Park. Watch the sunset and moon rise over the fells in your own private piece of wilderness. Relax and recharge with Wild Northumbrian Eco-Retreats: explore, meditate, treat yourself!


Annabel Grey has been practising Reiki, Shiatsu and Acupressure Massage for over ten years.

Reiki (pronounced Rar-Key) is a gentle but powerful healing energy which in its simplest translation means Universal Life Force. It is administered through the hands of the practitioner and is an excellent way of recharging one’s batteries. The most common description of the effects of reiki are that it is warming, relaxing, calming and brings a sense of tranquillity and well-being.  

Zen Shiatsu and Acupressure Massage are forms of Japanese bodywork based on the ancient theories and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Shiatsu literally means "finger push", often known as acupressure. A treatment includes palm and finger pressure and gentle stretches which connect with the energy flowing around the body. Our bodies have meridians or energy lines which run through the body. These meridians are affected by the everyday stresses of life: overwork, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of rest and calm, emotional traumas and illness all contribute to blockages and imbalances forming within the meridians. Shiatsu and Acupressure Massage work to encourage the body to release these blockages and rediscover its own balance.

These therapies can help with a whole variety of complaints, especially back, neck and head pain eg sciatica, lumbago, stiff shoulders, headache, migraine, among others. But they are also a wonderful way to take some time for yourself, connect with your body, relax, clear any tension and blockages from your system and generally boost your immunity. After a treatment, which lasts about an hour, you may feel invigorated yet deeply relaxed.


Treatments take place fully clothed and preferably through loose clothing such as leggings, tracksuit etc.