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We, that is Robert, Victoria, Ellie, Lizzie, Chloe and now baby Madeleine live within Tarset Valley, in the middle of a wood (literally!) and are constantly amazed at the ever changing beauty of this quiet and richly varied area of Northumberland National Park. Our family has lived in the valley for over 30 years and has loved the spirit, creativity and warmth of its people. Here's Robert talking about how we started , the valley, our Yurts and Tipis and much more


We wanted to share this place but in a special and respectful way, working with the landscape, wildlife and local community. Wild Northumbrian is based at the site of the already established Unison Colour Art Pastels, created by Robert’s parents John and Kate Hersey. Unison and Wild Northumbrian are working hand in hand to look after this natural heritage and help create and maintain something very special and unique.


Image reproduced courtesy of Gary Hallberg


Wild Northumbrian has been an idea for many years, now become a reality, but from the very beginning we decided that the whole project had to be committed to looking after what we love so dearly, which is the landscape of Northumberland, the ever busy local community and the rich variety of wildlife that make this such a special place!

So from the way the yurts, tipis and facilities are heated right down to the lighting and bedding, garden allotment- we have sourced locally, environmentally friendly and organically. Our wildlife walks, surveys, talks and courses are run by locals and are aimed to help people understand and embrace our beautiful outdoors. Making our ethos run through every element of what we are trying to create. We want to do the job properly so hope you enjoy!

We want to shout about the fantastic producers, makers, artisans and craftmen we are using to promote our ideas of organic, sustainable, fairtrade, local, eco-friendly materials and products used around the site. 

We love Karl our master carpenter and builder . He is local and very talented and does all our amazing new beds, furniture, compost loos and outside eco showers. Check out his website

If you stay here you'll probably want to live here  ! Our beautiful Yurts ( Brock and Esk Yurts ) come from one of the best Yurt makers in the world Yurt Workshop 




Tarset may be rural with a widely spread population, but is a ever busy innovative and creative community, Ceilidhs and Northumbrian nights, film nights, VARC artist in residence events, expert led history walks to name a few, make this a lively, vibrant area.

Heather covered fells with red and black grouse and beautiful blackface sheep for company, with panoramic views of the nearby Cheviot Hills and border areas. Small burns, rivers running through rare wild flower meadows, alongside a stunning range of old Bastles from border Reiver times drenched in myth and gruesomely true tales and ballads.

Endless woodland walks amongst pine, beech and birch with the sights and sounds of wildlife as a guide. Rounded off with a 300 year old Drovers Inn nestled amongst the hamlet of Greenhaugh, with open fire, local chat and good food!


Unison Colour

The site also boasts the world famous art material producer Unison Colour which makes the most beautiful handmade pastels. Started by my Dad and Mum in 1987, they are sold around the world to great accclaim and used by many famous artists. Come and look round the workshops to see them being made? Try them out and then take them into the stunning landscape around to create your own work? Let us arrange a childrens workshop with a local artist or attend some of the regular Weekend pastel workshops. Why not take my Dad's lovely studio for a few days to recharge your inner artist in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK! check them out at Unison colour